LED Trans

Innovative transparent uniform lighting box based on multi-channel LED technology, designed for test chart illumination and camera calibration

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● Reproducing high quality daylight illuminant To reproduce any phase of daylight with highest quality on the market in terms of Color Rendering Index (CIE Ra) 99 and Metamerism Index (MI) Grade A
● Blackbody locus simulator To accurately produce a range of sources from tungsten to daylight varying Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) from 2000K to 20000K with tunable CIE Ra 0~100 and tunable Duv -0.02~+0.02. One device reproduces all light sources, resulting in high flexibility and less maintenance cost
● SPD match To accurately reproduce any measured or imported SPD to record any light you want. It is easy to spread SPD files between different locations for light communication
● High light intensity output and luminance adjustable High power SMD LEDs, together with the software, guarantees high light intensity output (max up to 18000lux), and the light intensity is dimmable while keeping the same light quality
● Fast change between illuminants and no warm up time Same illuminant properties during illuminant switch, and no warm up time & instantly stable
Model LED Trans
LED Channels Multi channels (color+white)
Spectral range 400 ~ 700 nm
LED channel drive method Amplitude Modulation
Resolution 10 bit (1024 steps dimmable for each channel)
Warm up time No
Lifetime > 10,000 hours
Predefined illuminants Standard light:D70、D65、D50、A
CIE Ra 99, Mivis:Grade A (<0.25)
Tunable range CCT:2000 ~ 20000K
CIE Ra: 0~ 100
Illumination level Max up to 18000 lux, min down to 180 lux,
depending on illuminant,can be combined with neutral density filter
Uniformity Illumination surface ( D280,280 x 210 mm),>96%
Short-term stability D65 <±10k,D50<±5K;illuminance<±0.5%
Long-term stability D65 <±25k,D50<±15K;illuminance<±1.5%
Software instrument compatibility X-rite i1 pro 2、Konica minolta CL-500A、
Thouslite FS Spectrometer
Electrical 230V / 110V 50/60Hz 150W Max
Operating ambient temperature 0 ~ 30 ℃
Connection USB Cable
External dimesion (W / D / H) 690 × 325 × 400 mm
Weight 24 kg
Scope of delivery LEDTrans light Box、diffuser、power cord、
USB cable、software、LEDNavigator-LT with dongle、THOUSLITE FS Spectrometer、SDK available on request、Neutral density filter(Optional)
Software Modules in software LEDNavigator-LT:
1. Blackbody locus simulator
2. SPD Match
3. Single channel control
4. Dynamic lighting
5. Fast & Accurate feedback