Spectraval 1511 NIR Spectroradiometer

Spectraval 1511 is a modern spectroradiometer for the VIS to NIR wavelength range , which can be used stand alone or with PC/ laptop. It is constructed in the same way as spectraval 1501, but includes a display. All other functions are similar
Spectraval 1511 can be used for spectroradiometric measurements in the field without additional computer or via Bluetooth/ USB connection with different PC programs like the included universal radiometric software JETI LiVal or other programs as CalMAN (spectracal), ChromaPure (Display Calibrations), LightSpace (LightIllusion), Argyll and HCFR (under preparation).

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優點: 快速測量 簡單操作 由USB或內建電池供電 藍牙連接,方便手持 可量測輝度及照度(選配)
應用實例: 會議室顯示器的校準 數位投影儀的色彩調整 LED顯示幕測量
spectraval 1511\NIR 顯示以下測量值: 亮度,輻射亮度 xy 和 u‘v’色度座標,RGB 值 主波長,色純度 相對色溫 顯色指數 輻射光譜
Model 1511 NIR
Spectral range 350 nm ~ 1000 nm
Optical bandwidth 4.5 nm
Wavelength resolution 1 nm
Digital electronic resolution 16 bit ADC
Viewing angle 1.8∘
Measuring distance/ diameter 20 cm - ∅ 6 mm; 100 cm - ∅ 31 mm 
Measuring values Spectral radiance   
   Total luminance/ total radiance
   Chromaticity coordinates x , y ; u', v'
   Correlated Color Temperature, color purity
   Color Rendering Index, RGB
   Circadian metrics, Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Measuring range Luminance 0.2 ... 180 000 cd/m² (Ill. A)
0.2 … 140 000 cd/ m2 (typical warm white LED)
Measuring range Illuminance
(with optional diffusor) 
2 ... 1 250 000 lx (Ill. A)
1 … 1 000 000 lx (typical warm white LED) 
Luminance accuracy ± 2 % (@ 100 cd/m2 and Ill. A)
Luminance repeatability  ± 1 % 
Chromaticity accuracy  ± 0.002 x, y (Ill.A) 
Color repeatability ± 0.0005 x, y (Ill.A)
CCT repeatability ± 20 K (Ill.A) 
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.5 nm 
Polarization error  < 2 % (f8) 
Dispersive element  Imaging grating (flat field)
Light receiving element CCD line array 2048 pixels (binned) 
Power supply  Battery and USB powered
Interfaces  USB 2.0、Bluetooth
Dimensions 140 mm x115 mm x 70 mm 
Weight 500g
Operating conditions Temperature 10 ~ 40 °C
Humidity < 85 % relative humidity at 35 °C 
All inclusive accessories packet   PC software JETI LiVal、JETI SDK、Operating instructions and firmware commands (digital)、USB cable, Tripod, Transport box, Trigger connector、Bluetooth stick, Battery charger, Calibration certificate
   Calibration     NIST traceable