Specbos 1211 Vis-NIR Spectroradiometer

Small, fast broadband spectroradiometer with a measuring range of 350-1000 nm.
Capable of measuring luminance, illuminance, radiance, irradiance, chroma, correlated color temperature and more.
Suitable for laboratory and production line measurements

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Specbos 1211 is a broadband, quick spectroradiometer capable of detecting Vis to NIR range, providing fast and accurate luminance and chroma analysis. The following is its interior setup:

When light passes through the measuring optics an optical fiber transmits the gathered information into the spectroradiometer. The spectrograph separates the gathered light and the detector analyzes it to yield the data. The data is then transmitted to the attached computer to display the spectrum, luminance, chroma, and other information.


Can be used to measure the following quantities:

l  Luminance, Radiance

l  Illuminance, Irradiance

l  xy and u'v' coordinates,RGB value

l  Dominant wavelength, color purity

l  Correlated Color Temperature

l  Color Rendering Index



l  Vis to NIR range

l  high sensitivity

l  both radiance and irradiance measuring modes

l  small and easy to use

l  NIST traceable calibration

l  Measurement also possible with DLLs or SCPI compatible commands

With Jeti Lival Software:
l  Intiuitive Operation
l  Weighing Spectrum with action function
l  Classification of Samples
l  Easy data export to Excel and CSV
l  Specific calculations according to ISO 23603


Additional Features:

l  Pass/Fail Decisions

l  Ranking function (up to 16 ranks)

l  Saving of reference spectra

l  Spectral Calculation

l  Data export to csv and xls files

l  Switching between imperial and SI units



l  Calibration for broadcast monitors

l  Color adjustment for digital projectors

l  Measurement for weighted spectra

l  Measurement for fluorescent lamps

l  Spectral measurements in goniometers

l  Measurements for extended luminaries, i.e. OLED

LED optical character testing



Optical Parameter


Spectral Range

350nm ~ 1000nm

Optical Bandwidth


Wavelength Resolution


Digital Electronic Resolution

15 bit ADC

View Angle

1.8 °

Measuring distance/diameter

20cm - ∅ 6mm;100cm - ∅ 31mm(Luminance)

Measuring values

Spectral Radiance/Spectral Irradiance


Luminance/Total and weighted Radiance


Illuminance/Total and weighted Irradiance


Color coordinates x,y;u’,v’


Correlated Color Temperature, Color purity




Circadian Matrics, Photosynthetically Active Radiation

Measuring Ranges and Accuracy


Luminance Range

0.1 ~ 7500 cd/m2 (higher values with filters)

Illuminance Range

2 ~60 000 lx

Luminance Accuracy

±2 % (@ 1000cd/ m2 and 2856 K)

Luminance Repeatability

±1 %

Chromaticity Accuracy

±0.002 x,y (@ 2856 K)

Color Repeatability

±0.0005 x,y

CCT Repeatability

±20 K (@ 2856 K)

Wavelength Accuracy

±0.5 nm

Other Technical Data


Dispersive Element

Imaging Grating(flat field)

Light Receiving Element

2048 pixel backthinned CCD array(分級)

Power Supply

USB cable


USB2.0 full speed



180 mm x 82 mm x 53 mm



Working Conditions

Temp.10 ... 40 °C,Humidity < 85%,relative humidity at35 ° C


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 JETI LIMES software




USB cable and trigger connector


Cosine diffusor(for irradiance measurement)


Calibration certificate,  operation instructions


Tripod, transport box


NIST traceable

Suggested Calibration Interval

1 year