TQC Abrasion scrub/ washability Test to perform an abrasion and washability test on coated panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to scratching, wearing and colour loss due to wet or dry abrasion. Simulating everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use.

The new abrasion scrub/washability tester allows for the most flexible adaptation of the wide range of scrub, abrasion and washability tests that are in use. First the base apparatus has to be selected, which is available in four models. A 110VAC and 230VAC model without pumps for dry tests, and a 110VAC and 220VAC model with pumps for dry and wet tests. Each base unit is completely flexible and allows for easy exchange of the tools used for testing.

The TQC Automatic Washability Tester is driven by a micro-step controlled electro motor which allows precise and steady speed and sinus wave form control. Operation is intuitive by means of a jog-dial switch and a multi-lingual operating menu on a large illuminated display.

International Standards: ASTM D2486, ASTM D3450, ASTM D4213, ASTM D4828, ASTM F1319, ISO 11998

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