The CR-400 handheld chroma meter is a color measuring instrument that's user-friendly and can be used on a variety of surfaces in many types of applications. With its 8mm aperture size, it can measure on its own or connect to a data processor for advanced features and on-site printing.
Product Overview
Compatible with the CR-300, the handheld CR-400 chroma meter is its improved successor. Upgrading is easy for current CR-300 owners because existing data can be used.
Able to store up to 1,000 measurements internally, or 2,000 when the data processor is connected, the CR-400 chroma meter is also portable and easy-to-use, plus it has the ability to measure different types of products and multiple kinds of surfaces in various applications.
The lightweight, compact data processor can be operated by battery or can be connected by AC adapter, and with its ability to print results on-site, labeling is easy. Featuring a user index function, the CR-400 series allows customers to configure evaluation and color calculation formulas as desired. This feature is extremely useful when customized or industry-specific formulas are used instead of the versatile color system and standard evaluation formula (L*a*b*).
The CR-400 chroma meter’s LCD screen is capable of displaying pass/fail information and color-difference graphs, and can be set in any of six different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French and German. Type user comments into the results or, by using the data processor, customers can determine channel names. A variety of accessories are available to accommodate various target types such as powders, liquids, and pastes.
The CR-400 chroma meter is compatible with SpectraMagic NX software and is easy-to-use. Multiple views of data results can be viewed and edited. By associating target data of the primary target with two or more secondary targets, sophisticated QC applications are allowed, such as checking for color difference.
Data interpretation is easy. Simply drag-and-drop information into the software then print. Display information on a variety of graphs, or utilize preconfigured templates, and view instrument information at a glance in the available status window. Thanks to maximum compatibility, data compiled with older software can be transferred to the newest updated software so nothing is lost. Export information into Excel if needed, and get additional information on the spot utilizing the Navigation Function and Color Tutorial included with the software.

• Easy-to-use – easy-to-understand menus and buttons
• Portable – can be battery powered for optimal portability, or use an AC adapter, take measurements anywhere thanks to its light-weight design
• Data processor – measuring head can measure alone or with the data processor, allowing advanced features to be used and labeling on-site is easy with the built-in high-speed printer
• User defined evaluation formulas – allows users to configure the color calculation formula and evaluation formula as desired; useful for customized or industry-specific formulas
• Easy to upgrade – the successor to, and compatible with, its predecessor, the CR-300
• LCD screen – capable of displaying pass/fail information and color-difference graphs
• Text entry – data processor allows the user to enter calibration channels and the names of color difference target colors, as well as input comments
• Six languages – English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, and German
• Stores Measurements – can store up to 1,000 measurements on its own, or 2,000 when the data processor is attached
• Calibration function – when the instrument needs to be calibrated it automatically notifies user
• Abundant accessories – many available accessories

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新型色彩色差計CR-400是廣受認可和備受讚譽的CR-100、CR-200、CR-300系列的繼任者。它具備大量附加功能,用途更加廣泛,但卻完全保留了全光學特性,因此確保可以與之前型號交換資料。CR-400的測量區域為8mm,適於測量各行業領域的反射色和色差。它能夠滿足配料、食品、原材料、成品、藥物及皮膚病學等多方面的應用。 如果待測物具有特定構造或表面不均勻,如粒狀物、織物、木材、石頭、磚塊等,那麼CR-410是您的明智選擇。其獨特的50mm特大孔徑非常適合測量此類樣本,不需要再進行多次測量然後取平均值。 新型號的主要改進在於增加了易用性和功能性,如重新設計資料處理機、配備大螢幕背光顯示幕(可以數位或圖形方式顯示測量資料)及內置高速熱敏印表機。資料記憶體可存儲多達100種目標色及1000條測量結果。多種新色空間、合格/不合格公式及白/黃度指標增強了儀器在多方面的應用。新“自定指標”功能允許最多6名不同用戶輸入,或使用XYZ、Yxy或CIELAB值輸入6組針對特定應用的公式。另外,顯示語言可設為英語、德語、法語、義大利語、西班牙語或日語。