If you're looking for a highly accurate measurement instrument that uses the latest technology, then the CM-3700A bench-top spectrophotometer is just what you need, and it exceeds most industry color requirements. With a wide range of applications, the CM-3700A obtains highly-accurate reflectance and transmittance measurements.

Product Overview

• Highly reliable and accurate – one of the most reliable and accurate spectrophotometers available by utilizing state-of-the-art technology
• Windows compatible – Compatibility allows it to be controlled from a computer with Windows software
• Measurement area switching – flexibility allow users to select either 25.4mm, 8mm, or 3x5mm measurement areas
• Can measure reflective, transparent, and fluorescent color – using SCI/SCE switching, diffused lighting, and/or UV cut filters, users can easily measure reflective, transparent, and reflective colors
• International standards – many standards are included in the CM-3700ACIE, such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, and JIS
• Xenon flash – allows even very dark shades to be accurately measured with this instrument
• USB Connectivity – faster communication and an easier connection to PCs with the USB interface
• Dampening sample holder – not only does the featured long arm enable measuring the center of an A4-sized sample, a damper also provides a “slow-close” effect, preventing the sample holder from slamming shut, which could possibly damage the measurement sample
• Protective frame power switch – to decrease the likelihood of accidentally powering off during operation, a protective frame has been added around the power switch

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反射色的測量 可選擇SCI或者SCE測量方式 SCI (含鏡面反射光)的測量方式可將樣品表面的條件對測量數據的影響減小,特別適用於配色應用領域。SCE (排除鏡面反射光)的測量方式與專業的視覺評估更為接近。 可變的測量區域 根據需要,可以選擇3種測量區域,口徑分別為Ø25.4 mm、Ø8 mm和3 mm × 5 mm。 可變的UV含量 您的測量含有熒光材料的樣品(如紙張、紙漿)時,可以將照明光源中的UV成分很細的1000級進行控制。
透射色的測量 可測量任意長度樣品的透射測量腔(最大厚度:約50 mm) 適用d/0幾何光學系統,可測量如液體、薄膜、塑料片等樣品的光譜透射率。
其它特點 1. 較長的樣品夾臂,甚至可以直接測量A4紙大小樣品的中心。 2. 樣品夾可以完全張開,方便測量更大厚的樣品 3. 電源保護架避免因意外觸碰的斷電 4. USB接口保證便利的連接和高速的數據通訊
Model CM-3700A
observation system
Reflectance:di:8° , de:8° (diffuse illumination, 8° viewing angle)
SCI (specular component included) / SCE (specular component excluded) switchable
Conforms to CIE No.15, lSO 7724/1, ASTM E 1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7 and JIS Z 8722 condition c standard.

Transmittance:di:0° , de:0° (diffuse illumination, 0° viewing angle)
Conforms to CIE No.15, ASTM E 1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7 and JIS Z 8722 condition g standard.
Detector Silicon photodiode array with flat holographic grating
Wavelength range 360nm~740nm
Wavelength pitch 10nm
Half bandwidth Approximately 14 nm average
Photometric range 0 to 200%; Resolution: 0.001%
Light source Pulsed xenon arc lamp
Minimum measurement interval 3 seconds
measurement area
Reflectance:Changeable between LAV, MAV, and SAV
SAV: 5 × 7 mm illumination/3 ×5 mm measurement
MAV: ø 11 mm illumination/ ø8 mm measurement
LAV: ø28 mm illumination/ ø25.4 mm measurement

Transmittance:ø2m illumination/Approx. ø20 mm
Repeatability When white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 10-sec. intervals after white calibration has been performed:
Spectral reflectance: Standard deviation within 0.05%
Chromaticity: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.005

When black tile (BCRA Series II; reflectance: 1%) is measured 30 times at 10-sec. intervals after white calibration has been performed:
Spectral reflectance:
380 to 740 nm: Standard deviation within 0.02%
360 and 370 nm: Standard deviation within 0.04%
Chromaticity: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.05
Inter-instrument agreement (LAV) Mean ΔE*ab 0.08 (typical) Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles
Max. ΔE*ab 0.3 (corresponds to ΔEcmc 0.2) for any of 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with Konica Minolta master body
UV adjustment Computer controlled; Continuously variable; 400 nm cutoff filter
Transmittance chamber Maximum sample thickness: Approx. 50 mm
Maximum sample length: Unlimited (transmittance chamber has no sides when transmittance chamber cover is open)
Sample holder (optional) for holding sheet samples or containers of liquid samples can be installed/removed.
Interface USB 1.1
Power AC 100V to 240V 50/60Hz (using included AC adapter)
Operating temperature/
humidity range
13 to 33°C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 33°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/
humidity range
0 to 40°C, relative humidity 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
(W × H ×D)
271 ×274 ×500 mm
Weight 18kg
Standard accessories White Calibration Plate; Target Mask (3 ×m); Target Mask ( ø8 mm); Target Mask ( ø25.4 mm); Zero Calibration Box; AC Adapter; USB Cable (3 m); Accessory Case; Dust Cover
Optional accessories Color Data Software SpectraMagic NX; Transmittance Specimen Holder; Glass Cells (2 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm); Plastic Cells (2 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm); Transmittance Zero Calibration Plate; Color Tiles; USB Cable (5m)