The CM-3600a is a highly accurate, repeatable spectrophotometer that measures color quickly in any application. Oriented horizontally and made for benchtop use, the instrument has diameters that are interchangeable and can be used in a wide variety of measuring tasks.

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Bright, Clear Sample Viewer for Accurate Sample Positioning Opening the sample viewer provides a clear, illuminated view of the sample at the measurement port. On the CM-3600A, this view is reflected in a mirror on the sample viewer cover so that you can view it easily even while seated.
Three Measurement Areas For Diverse Needs Masks for the CM-3600A’s three measurement areas (SAV: Ø4 mm, MAV: Ø8 mm, and LAV: Ø25.4 mm) are included as standard accessories, so you can select the one that fits your measurement requirements. Improved sample holder The sample holder opens approximately 90° for easy positioning of samples. It also has a new “soft-close” mechanism that prevents it from slamming shut and damaging samples or pinching fingers. Bright, clear sample viewer can be used even while seated. The sample viewer lets the sample be seen clearly at the measuring port for accurate positioning. When the sample viewer cover is opened, a high-brightness LED illuminates the sample to provide a clear image, and the cover is equipped with a mirror so that the image can be seen even from a seated position.
Numerical Gloss Control Provides Simultaneous SCI/SCE Measurements The CM-3600A utilizes Konica Minolta’s patented Numerical Gloss Control system, eliminating the need for a mechanical gloss trap. By firing two xenon lamps in quick succession, the system can provide virtually simultaneous SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded) measurements and also enable the calculation of 8° gloss.
Numerical UV Control for Accurate Measurements of Fluorescent Materials Accurate measurement of materials such as paper or cloth treated with fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) requires precise control of the UV component and its effects. The patented Numerical UV Control method used by the CM-3600A can provide such control by using proprietary calculations to combine the results from flashes of two xenon lamps: one with full UV energy, the other with UV energy removed by a UV-cutoff filter (either 400 nm or 420 nm). This method eliminates the need for mechanical filter positioning and repeated filter position adjustment, and enables UV adjustment by Whiteness Index, Tint, Brightness, or UV profile.
Model CM-3600A
Illumination/observation system Reflectance; di:8°, de:8°; (diffused illumination, 8° viewing), equipped with simultaneous measurement of SCI (specular component included) / SCE (specular component excluded); Conforms to CIE No.15, lSO7724/1, ASTM E-1164, DIN 5033 Teil7 and JIS Z8722 condition C standard.

Transmittance : di:0°, de:0° (diffused illumination, 0° viewing); Conforms to CIE No.15, ASTM E-1164 and DIN 5033 Teil7 standard.
Light-receiving element Silicon photodiode array (dual 40 elements)
Spectral separation device Diffraction grating
Wavelength range 360 to 740 nm
Wavelength pitch 10 nm
Half bandwitdh Approx. 10 nm
Reflectance range 0 to 200%; Resolution: 0.01%
Sphere size Φ 152 mm
Light source Four pulsed xenon lamps
Minimum interval between measurements Normal SCI/ SCE measurement: 4 sec. UV-cut / UV-adjusted measurement: 5 sec. Transmittance measurement: 3 sec.
Measurement/illumination areas Reflectance: Changeable between LAV, MAV, and SAV
LAV: Φ 25.4 mm / Φ 30 mm
MAV: Φ 8 mm / Φ 11 mm
SAV: Φ 4 mm / Φ 7 mm
Transmittance: Approx. O 24 mm
Repeatability When white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 10-sec. intervals after white calibration has been performed:
Spectral reflectance: Standard deviation within 0.1%
Colorimetric values: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.02
Inter instrument agreement Mean ΔE*ab 0.15 (LAV/SCI) Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with master body
UV adjustment Instantaneous numerical adjustment
UV cut filters 400 nm cutoff and 420 nm cutoff
Transmittance chamber Witdh: 133 mm, Depth: Approx. 50 mm; Measurement diameter: Approx. 17 mm
Transmission sample holder (optional accessory): Sample holder for both plate-shaped and liquid samples (removable); Liquid samples not measurable with CM-3610A.
Interface USB 1.1
Power AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz (using included AC adapter)
Operating temperature/
humidity range
13 to 33°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/
humidity range
0 to 40°C) with no condensation
Size (W x H x D) CM-3600A: 244 x 205 x 378 mm

CM-3610A: 300 x 597 x 315 mm
Weight CM-3600A: 11.5 kg
CM-3610A: 16.5 kg