The CM-3600a is a highly accurate, repeatable spectrophotometer that measures color quickly in any application. Oriented horizontally and made for benchtop use, the instrument has diameters that are interchangeable and can be used in a wide variety of measuring tasks.
Konica Minolta designed the CM-3600A spectrophotometer with high-precision capabilities and great reliability. Its versatility and ease of use makes it a good choice in many measuring applications. Because it’s so easy to operate, it’s consistently among the most sought after benchtop spectrophotometers on the market.

Product Overview
The CM-3600A spectrophotometer is a compact yet advanced instrument that features a side port in horizontal format and was built to measure a wide variety of objects’ reflectance. It also measures the transmittance of translucent or transparent liquids and solids – all this while taking up a minimum amount of space.

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