The CM-5 bench-top spectrophotometer is an easy-to-use, color measurement instrument that features a keyboard and color LCD screen, eliminating the need for a computer. This product has the ability to automatically calibrate every start-up, measure a variety of sample sizes and forms, and includes internal calibration for standard chemical and pharmaceutical indices.

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Easy 1-2-3 measurement – 1. Switch power on, 2. Position sample, 3. Press MEAS
反射測量 CM-5的測量端口在儀器頂部,因此,用戶只需要把被測的固體樣品放置在測量口上即可進行測量工作。不再需要使用夾具,也不必擔心樣品位置發生偏移。另外,使用培養皿套件(可選配件),還可以對液體,糊狀物,粉狀物等進行色彩測量。
透射測量 CM-5配有一個大型透射腔,可以測量厚達60mm的如玻璃、板材等樣品,且腔體邊界沒有限制,可以不受樣品長度和寬度的影響。 對於液體樣品,可以根據樣品的濃度來選擇3種不同厚度的比色皿進行透射測量。另外還有寬度為10mm的用戶定制比色皿可供選擇。
使用USB保存設置 您是否遇到過同一實驗室中很多人同時使用測色儀而造成的儀器設置混亂?CM-5可允許用戶將各自的儀器設置保存在USB隨身碟中,下次使用時儀器可以直接從隨身碟中讀取設置,而無須用戶重新進行煩瑣的設置。測量完畢後,用戶也可以將測量數據直接保存在隨身碟中,以進行進一步的數據處理和分析。
化工醫藥領域專用色彩指數 CM-5可以測量常用於化工和醫藥領域的幾個標準色彩指數:Gardner,Hazen/APHA,Iodine,European Pharmacopoeia 和US Pharmacopoeia。這些指數的校準曲線已保存於儀器中,因此,用戶可迅速簡便地測得這些專用指數。
Model CM-5
Illumination/viewing system Reflectance:di:8 °, de:8 ° (diffuse illumination: 8 ° viewing)
SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded) switchable
Conforms to CIE No. 15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E 1164, DIN 5033 Teil 7, and JIS Z 8722 (Condition c)

Transmittance:di:0 °, de:0 ° (diffuse illumination: 0 ° viewing)
Integrating sphere size Φ152 mm
Detector Dual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays
Spectral separation device Planar diffraction grating
Wavelength range 360 nm to 740 nm
Wavelength pitch 10 nm
Half bandwitdh Approx. 10 nm
Measurement range 0 to 175 % (Reflectance or transmittance); Output/display resolution: 0.01%
Light source Pulsed xenon lamp
Measurement time Approx. 1 s (to data display/output); Minimum measurement interval: Approx. 3 s
Measurement/illumination area Reflectance:Changeable by changing mask and settings. LAV:Φ30 mm/Φ36 mm; MAV (optional):Φ8 mm/Φ11 mm; SAV (optional):Φ3 mm/Φ6 mm

Transmittance:Φ26 mm
Repeatability Spectral reflectance: Standard deviation within 0.1% (400 nm to 740 nm)
Chromaticity value: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.04 * When a white calibration plate is measured 30 x at 10-second intervals after white calibration
Inter-instrument agreement Within ΔE*ab 0.15 (Typical) (LAV/SCI)
(Based on 12 BCRA Series II color tiles compared to values measured with a master body under Konica Minolta standard conditions)
Transmittance chamber No sides (unlimited sample length); Depth (maximum sample thickness): 60 mm
Sample holders (optional) for holding sheet samples or containers of liquid samples can be installed/removed
Display 5.7-inch TFT color LCD
Display languages English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese
Operating temperature/humidity range 13 to 33 °C, relative humidity 80% or less with no condensation
White/100% calibration Automatic white (reflectance)/100% (transmittance) calibration using internal white calibration plate
(Not applicable to 100% calibration when using cells for transmittance measurements of liquids.)
Interfaces USB 1.1 (Connection to PC; USB memory stick); RS-232C standard (Connection to serial printer)
Observer 2 ° Standard Observer or 10 ° Standard Observer
Illuminant A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12, ID50, ID65 (simultaneous evaluation with two light sources possible)
Displayed data Spectral values/graph (reflectance, transmittance, absorbance), colorimetric values/graph, color-difference values/graph, pass/fail judgment, pseudo color, color assessment
Color space L*a*b*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, Yxy, XYZ, Munsell, and color differences in these spaces (except for Munsell)
Index Reflectance:MI; WI (ASTM E 313-73, ASTM E 313-96); YI (ASTM E 313-73, ASTM E 313-96, ASTM D 1925);ISO Brightness; B (ASTM E 313-73)

Transmittance:Gardner; Iodine Color Number; Hazen/APHA; European Pharmacopoeia; US Pharmacopeia
User index User-defined index
Color-difference equation ΔE*ab (CIE 1976), ΔE*94 (CIE 1994), ΔE00 (CIE 2000), ΔE (Hunter), CMC (l: c)
Pass/fail judgment Tolerances can be set to colorimetric values (except Munsell), color-difference values, or reflectance index values
Storable data Measurement data: 4,000 measurements; Target color data: 1,000 measurements
USB memory stick* storage Storage of measurement data and target color data. Storage/reading of measurement condition settings

* Security-enabled USB memory sticks cannot be used.
Power AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz (using exclusive AC adapter)
Size Slide cover closed: 385 (W) x; 192 (H) x; 261 (D) mm
Slide cover open: 475 (W) x; 192 (H) x; 261 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 5.8 kg
Operating temperature/humidity range 13 to 33 °C, relative humidity 80 % or less (at 35 °C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/ humidity range 0 to 40 °C, relative humidity 80 % or less (at 35 °C) with no condensation