The LS-150 (successor to LS-100) possess a minimum measuring area of 14.4mm and a greatly improved luminance range of up to 999,900 cd/m². It is a highly accurate and easy-to-use luminance meter that conform to DIN 5032-7 Class B.
Product Overview
LS-150 Luminance Meter (successor to the LS-100) is highly accurate luminance meter that uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with visual evaluation. LS-150 is compact, ergonomic, and extremely portable running off AA batteries.

The LS-150 series uses a single lens reflex (SLR) optics system that provides users with several important capabilities. The SLR allows highly accurate targeting of light sources. Very small areas, even down to 1.3mm (when close-lens is used), can be measured accurately. Measurement areas at distances both long and short show up consistently in the viewfinder. This flexibility allows even those who have never used the instrument to gather precise measurement results.

The value of the measured luminance is easy to read on the clear backlit LCD screen and also on the bright viewfinder. With this capability, the instrument allows the user to never have to move the instrument from the eye while still perfectly controlling the measured object. The automatic mode sets the measurement time according to the brightness of the target. When measuring light sources that are particularly bright a neutral density eyepiece filter makes the job safe and comfortable. In all measuring tasks, our uniquely designed pistol-type grip provides for a secure hold on the instrument.

When measuring low luminance, the LS-150 comes through with a range that begins at 0.001cd/m². Color-correction and calibration functions built into the instrument give users the ability to choose a standard luminance and have differences corrected according to any light sources that are specified. The LS-150 included utility software allows the instrument to be controlled from a PC via USB 2.0. Repeated interval measurements can be conducted a specific number of times at specific intervals, measurement data can be displayed on graphs or lists, and data can be exported to spreadsheet applications. Optional close-up lenses allows for measurement of extremely small areas. Also, the optional illuminance adapter enables illuminance measurement as well.
• 1° acceptance angle
• Portable, lightweight, compact and battery powered
• Upper range of the DIN quality class B
• SLR (Single Lens Reflex), precise targeting; shows exact area to measure
• Backlit LCD and viewfinder displays; easy to focus on target
• Neutral density eyepiece filter allowing measurements of bright light sources
• Pistol grip enables user to stabilize the instrument with ease
• Measures low luminance, range starts at 0.001cd/m2
• User calibration and color correction
• Includes Utility Software allows the instrument to be controlled from the PC via USB 2.0
• Optional CCD camera adapter enables viewfinder to be monitored from a distance

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