The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is ideal for the evaluation and inspection of a variety of display technologies, such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

This instrument uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements that have high correlation with the spectral response of the human eye.

The low-luminance measurement range has been improved from 0.1 cd/m squared to 0.05 cd/m2. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to be set up anywhere. The service life measurement cycles have been increased to approximately 5 times to that of the CA-2000, which makes it applicable for use in the production area.

The advanced Data Management Software, CA-S25w, included as a standard accessory, provides advanced functionality and simple operation to make the entire measurement process easier. From measurement preparations such as focusing and positioning, to measurements of luminance and chromaticity and the evaluation of measurement results, it greatly streamlines the entire measurement process.

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2D色彩分析儀CA-2500使用XYZ濾鏡(該濾鏡具備與CIE 1931等色函數非常接近的光譜靈敏度),與數位攝像機等設備中所使用的RGB分色濾鏡相比,能夠測量與人眼感光度相近的亮度和色度。
標配具有良好操作性的新軟件CA-S25w 該軟件具有輔助對焦、輔助對位、自動檢測的功能,用戶無需進行繁瑣的測量準備工作。 標配SDK(Software Development Kit) 二維色彩分析儀CA-2500配備可用於用戶軟件開發的SDK,藉此可高效製作自主開發的獨創軟件。
主要用途 統一測量多個中小型液晶面板、有機EL面板的亮度、色度分佈 測量單個大型液晶面板、有機EL面板的亮度、色度分佈 測量照明範圍內的亮度分佈 測量各種發光體的亮度、相關色溫分佈 測量車用儀表的亮度分佈
Model CA-2500S CA-2500W CA-2500T
Light Receptor CCD image sensor (monochrome) ; 2/3-inch ; Effective number of pixels : 1,000 x 1,000 pixels ; Equipped with XYZ filter (closely matches CIE 1931 color-matching function) and ND filter
Lens Interchangeable Standard, wide, and telephoto lenses; low-magnification and high-magnification macro rings (for use with telephoto lens)
Measurement Points
980 x 980 (490 x 490 or 196 x 196 selectable by using Data Management Software CA-S25w)  
Color Indication Modes XYZ, LVxy, LVu v , T"uv, Dominant wavelength, Excitation purity, LV contrast
Display Modes Pseudocolor, Chromaticity diagram, Spot, Cross section, Color Difference
Measurment Sizes
length per side of square
Standard lens
Approx. 98 mm or more
(depending on the distance)
Wide lens
Approx. 145 mm or more
(depending on the distance)
Telephoto lens
Approx. 115 mm or more
 (depending on the distance)
With low-manification macro ring
Approx. 57mm (Fixed)
With high-manification macro ring
Approx. 27mm (Fixed)
Measurable Size for Typical Measurement Distance(size/distance) 98mm / 250 mm Approx.
210mm / 500 mm Approx.
440mm / 1,000 mm Approx.
890mm / 2,000 mm Approx.
145mm / 200 mm Approx.
410mm / 500 mm Approx.
850mm / 1,000 mm Approx.
1,770mm / 2,000 mm Approx.
115mm / 900 mm Approx.
275mm / 2,000 mm Approx.
420mm / 3,000 mm Approx.
57mm / 500 mm Approx. (Fixed) 27mm / 300 mm Approx. (Fixed)
Measurable Luminance Range
(including ND filter use)
0.05 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.05 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.25 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.25 - 100,000 cd/m2 0.5 - 100,000 cd/m2
Measurement Time Single : Approx. 5 sec. or more; 4-time integration : Approx. 6 sec. or more; 16-time integration: Approx. 10 sec. or more; 64-time integration : Approx. 25 sec. or more; 256-time integration : Approx. 80 sec. or more
Accuracy Luminance -0.03 -0.03 +_3% -0.03 -0.03
Chromaticity -0.005 -0.005 -0.005 -0.005 -0.005
  Temperature/Humidity Drift (within the operating temperature/ humidity range)
Luminance: +-2% of change compared to reference temperature and relative humidity of 23°C and 40%
Chromaticity: +-0.004 of change compared to reference temperature and relative humidity of 23°C and 40%
Repeatability Luminance 0.50% 0.50% 0.50% 0.50% 0.50%
Chromaticity 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001
Inter-Point Error Luminance -0.02 -0.02 -0.02 -0.02 -0.02
Chromaticity -0.002 -0.002 -0.002 -0.002 -0.002
Luminance -0.03 -0.03 -0.03 -0.03 -0.03
Chromaticity -0.003 -0.003 -0.003 -0.003 -0.003
Other Functions Measurement sync (Synchronization frequency selectable), User calibration Integration function
Interface USB 2.0 or higher
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range 10-30°C, Relative humidity 70% or less/No condensation
Storage Temperature and Humidity Range 0-30°C, Relative humidity 70% or less/No condensation, 30-35°C, Relative humidity 55% or less/No condensation
Size Body only 160 (W) x 164 (H) X 192 (D) mm (Height including handle: 211 mm)
When lens and lens hood are attached 223 (D) mm 219 (D) mm 224 (D) mm 230 (D) mm 237 (D) mm
Weight 3.5 kg approx. (when standard lens and lens hood are attached)
Power Source AC Adapter 100-240 V ~ , 1.2 A, 50-60 Hz