Q-RACK outdoor exposure racks are the same aluminum racks that are used at Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Arizona to perform natural outdoor exposure tests. Now you can buy these professional quality racks to perform exposures at your own site.

The durable Q-RACK design has been proven over decades of harsh subtropical and desert exposures. The racks are versatile, dependable, and affordable, and come in kit form for easy assembly.

Q-RACK kits, accessories and non-standard mounting systems are available for different applications and testing requirements. They meet ISO, ASTM, SAE and other international standards for outdoor testing. The Q-RACK frame may be positioned at 0°, 5°, 45° or 90°.

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Q-RACK Outdoor Exposure Racks
Q-RACK outdoor exposure rack kits are available in two types: direct exposure and under glass exposure.  

In direct exposure racks, specimens are directly exposed to the environment.  It is the most common method for testing coatings, inks, plastics, or finishes used outdoors.  Most typical test specimens can be easily mounted on a Q-RACK direct exposure system.  Our direct exposure rack kits meet the requirements of ISO 877-2 Method A, ASTM G7, ASTM D4141, or SAE J1976.  Be sure to visit our Standards Page for other information about relevant standards for Q-RACK systems or our other products and services.

Under glass exposure racks are primarily used to test automotive interior materials.  Specimens are exposed to sunlight behind special glass panels.

Direct Exposure Rack Kits:

  • FL-3049-K     Welded Frame Direct Exposure Rack Kit  – North America Shipment Only
  • FL-3055-K     Knock Down Frame Direct Exposure Rack Kit – Available for Shipment Globally
  • FL-3120-K     Black Box Direct Exposure Rack Kit – North America Shipment Only

Under Glass Exposure Rack Kits:

  • FL-3086-K     Under Glass Exposure Rack Kit – North America Shipment Only
  • FL-3121-K     Black Box Under Glass Exposure Rack Kit  – North America Shipment Only

Q-Lab offers several accessories for Q-RACK exposure rack kits, which are all available for shipment globally.  See LR-3001 - Q-RACK Brochure for photos and more detailed information.

Positioning Arms (Sold in Pairs) - required for installation of Q-RACK kits. Select the angle of exposure:

  • FL-3071-K    0° Positioning Arms
  • FL-3033-K    5° Positioning Arms
  • FL-3032-K    45° Positioning Arms
  • FL-3126-K    90° Positioning Arms

Panel Flap Assembly (Part FL-3009-K)
The panel flap holds the test panels in place.  It is easy to open and close.  You can increase the Q-RACK kit's sample mounting capacity by using additional panel flaps.  A vinyl strip separates the exposed and unexposed areas of each panel.

Panel Base Assembly (Part FL-3060-K)
Fits the bottom edge of every rack that uses panel flaps, holding the bottom of the panels in place.

Leg (Part FL-3072-X)
Individual legs may be purchased for custom installations.

Black Box Retrofit Kit (Part FL-3091-K)
Includes all the components and hardware to convert your Q-RACK frame into a black box exposure system.

Sub-Frame Kits
Used to modify the Q-RACK system to hold non-standard test specimens. Sub-frame kits include eight 81.25cm x 89cm open back sub frame assemblies, or six under glass sub-frame assemblies. Kits are easy to install and adjust for different specimen sizes.

  • FL-3106-K   Sub-Frame Kit/Open Rack
  • FL-3113-K   Sub-Frame Kit/Under Glass – North America Shipment Only

Offset Panel Holder Kits
Used to mount test specimens at an angle, to prevent water from dripping on the sample below.  They are adjustable for different sample widths and are available in two sizes.

  • FL-3110-K   15.25cm Offset Panel Holder Kit - holds 40 specimens 
  • FL-3111-K   20.30cm Offset Panel Holder Kit - holds 28 specimens