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Versatile Converting Machine (VCM)
Used for R & D and pilot and production application in a wide range of industries.
• Multiple Drives.
• Modular construction allows for future expansion.
• Custom designed and manufactured to meet requirements of individual customer.
• Heavier framework enables wider and heavier substrates to be processed
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Paste Ink Proofer
• Accurate proofs produced in a single operation.
• No messy weighing or measuring of inks, unlike other proofers.
• Two inks may be proofed simultaneously for comparison.
• Complete inking/proofing/cleaning cycle only 2 – 3 minutes.
• Multiple proofs easily obtained using any substrate.
• Reduces press down-time.
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K Paint Applicator
• A custom version of the K101 created especially for paints etc.
• Accommodates most applicators including Bird, cube, 4-sided, micrometer adjustable etc.
• Supplied with float glass bed to ensure perfect flatness.
• Vacuum, magnetic and heated beds also available.
• Conforms to ASTM D823-92.
• Controlled speed and applicator pressure for highly repeatable results.
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K Lox Proofer
• Instant flexo proofs.
• Easy to use – easy to clean.
• Excellent repeatability.
• Reduces press down-time.
• Fully interchangeable rollers up to 500 screen.
• Hand and automatic versions available.
Hand version is recommended for visual colour matching.
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K Hand Coater
• Simple, economical.
• Will deposit from 4 to 500 micron wet film thickness.
• Good repeatability with special impression bed.
• Stainless steel rods and wire used for K bars.
• K bars are numbered and colour coded.
• Two or more products coated simultaneously for comparison.
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K Control Coater
• Controlled speed and pressure ensures repeatable results.
• Coating by wire wound bars or gap applicators.
• Two models offer coating areas of up to 170 x 250mm or 325 x 250mm.
• Multiple coatings in one operation for comparison purposes.
• Standard coating speeds infinitely variable between 2 and 15m/m
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Flexiproof 100/UV
• Printers – eliminates press downtime by colour matching off press.
• For quality control testing and to ensure consistency of performance of inks and substrates over time.
• Can be used to determine performance properties, i.e. wear resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, durability, gloss, etc.
• Will print on all typical commercial substrates- paper, film, foil.
• Minimises expensive on-press waste production, boosts customer confidence and minimises customer returns.
• Inks – computer colour matching, database and sample preparation.
• Eliminates the need to use a production line printing press for pilot runs, as the Flexiproof 100 is a scaled down but exact version of a full sized flexo press.
• Research and development – product viability, commercial viability.
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• This is a precision instrument for producing realistic, high quality flexographic proofs.
• Single screen or banded ceramic anilox rollers available.
• All commercial inks and substrates can be accurately proofed.
• Compact size makes it ideal for on site troubleshooting.
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GP100 (High speed gravure unit)
Being launched at forthcoming European Coatings Show.
• Any flexible substrate can be printed.
• Excellent printability ensured by the high speed of 100 m/min.
• Quick release Doctor Blade for ease of cleaning
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