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CA-410 Color Analyzer
The CA-410 is an optical measuring device used for inspection and adjustment of white balance* and gamma* at factories producing TVs, smartphone displays, etc. Designed as the successor of the CA-310, which is reputed for its rapid, accurate measurement, the CA-410 similarly offers high-speed, high-accuracy measurement of higher-dynamic-range (HDR) displays, including OLED displays.
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Get highly accurate measurements using the CS-2000A spectroradiometer. The device has the capacity to measure luminances with ranges that reach down to 0.0005 cd/m2. It can also contrast measurements at ranges that reach 1,000,000:1*4. You can use the CS-2000A with a variety of displays and light sources.

Product Overview
Using technology that lowers sensor signal noise, the CS-2000A spectroradiometer produces highly accurate extremely low luminance measurements. Luminances with contracts ranges of 1,000,000:1 and ranges as low as 0.0005 cd/m2 are accurately measured with the instrument due to its 1° measurement angle. Throughout the measurement process, the instrument has the capacity to maintain less than 5nm half bandwidth.
Software included with the CS-2000A spectroradiometer is the CS-S10W. This Professional Data Management software allows you to obtain very accurate readings and management of the device. The software enables you to get acceptance judgments for dominant wavelengths when measuring light sources.
The measurement angle on the CS-2000A highlights a switching function so you can choose specific measurement angles that range from 0.1°, 0.2°, or 1° using a variety of applications. Standard minimum measuring diameter with the CS-2000A is 0.5mm. Available accessories include a close-up lens. This optional accessory has the ability to measure areas that are as small as 0.1mm. Luminosity and chromaticity are stable. General displays are produced quickly using the device whether measuring large or ultra-small ranges like audio systems, aircraft instrument panels or automotive instrument panels.
Other options for the CS-2000A spectroradiometer include the ability to attach a diffuser adapter to measure illuminance of irradiated light. You can also use the diffuser adapter to conduct spectroscopic calculations.
• Highly accurate – ideal for ultra-low luminance levels, can measure as low as 0.0005 cd/m2
• Scotopic vision – enabled to calculate highly accurate measurements corresponding to scotopic vision
• Measurement angle switching function – can switch between 0.1, 0.2, and 1 degrees to suit any application
• Easily measure small areas – areas as small as 0.1mm can be measured
• Illuminance measurement – attaching a diffuser adapter for illuminance measurement enables it to be measured accurately
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The handheld T-10A and T-10MA are designed for easy use to measure the quality and brightness of a light source as it lies along a surface.
Product Overview
Lux is the illumination strength of light striking a certain location. The T-10A is an illuminance meter that is used for taking lux measurements and evaluations; in other words, a lux meter. This lux meter is capable of calculating and displaying the average values of illumination on a LCD screen. Both the T-10A and T-10MA Illuminance Meters are able to provide illumination value comparisons that can be displayed as a percentage value or as a difference according to the user’s preference. Users can choose to manually enter target levels by using the keypad or via measurement.
The T-10A can automatically calibrate after powering the device. The device can also measure intermittent and continuous light sources. Certain light sources may require adjustment; this device allows users to enter color correction factors for those adaptations.
The range of these lux meters varies from 0.01 to 299,99lx and includes auto range switching. The T-10A measures Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of controlled light sources. There is a removable receptor head so that an assortment of measurements can be accommodated. This device has the additional benefit of allowing users to connect up to 30 different receptor heads so that multi-point measurement are possible without rearranging the lux meter; a feature that is extremely convenient for movie screens. This device comes in a miniature model ideal for measurements in narrow or confined spaces. The device has been updated to USB computer connection from the former RS-232C connection.
• Easy to use – simple, multi-function operation, with keypad cover to avoid accidental operation
• Automatic Calibration – automatically adjusts to zero at powering on for immediate measurement
• Auto-range functions – enables the instrument to have the ability to measure a wide range, automatic or manual setting
• LCD screen – backlit, LCD screen displays average values, illumination, comparison of illuminance values
• Portable – small, compact, and powered by AA-size batteries
• Versatile – also has the ability to measure flickering light
• Interface with computer changed from RS-232C to USB
• Measurement of PWM-controlled light sources
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Easy to use to measure light source chromaticity and luminance, the CS-200 gives precise measurements.
Product Overview
You can measure luminance and chromaticity of light sources with a great deal of accuracy using the CS-200 luminance and color meter. Low in price, the CS-200 luminance and color meter features an updated auto mode. This mode is used to determine the speed of measurements in accordance with of the luminance of the light source you want to measure.
As an added benefit, the CS-200 luminance and color meter has the capacity to measure any type of light source. You can also measure any light source over a broad spectrum of luminance levels, including levels that range from 0.01 cd/m2 to 20,000,000 cd/m2. Use the adjustable measuring angle to select optimum measuring angles. Based on the application, you have the capacity with the CS-200 to select angles of 1°, 0.2°, or 0.1°.
Lightweight and operable using a battery, the CS-200 luminance and color meter offers high levels of portability. The software included with the luminance and color meter is the CS-S10w. It comes standard with the CS-200 luminance and color meter. You can use the software to observe and manage measurement light sources and other data. It’s also possible to store and save up as many as 101 measurement values and 20 reference values using the software.
• Easy to use and affordable – great for beginners
• Portable – battery powered and lightweight
• Luminance and chromaticity – can measure both aspects of a display
• Auto mode – the device determines the measurement speed according to the application
• All luminance levels – can be used for any light and display application both low and high luminances
• Measurement angle switching – can be switched between 1, 0.2, and 0.1 degrees according to application
• Data management software – CS-S10w is included as a standard accessory
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High-speed, high-accuracy instrument that provides even higher accuracy for measuring LED-backlit LCD TVs by reducing errors due to variations in the peak wavelength of LED backlights
Product Overview
The CA-310 Color Analyzer is an instrument that gives you extremely accurate measurement readings. Using the instrument you can measure LED-backlit LCD televisions by lowering errors that are caused by variations in LED backlight peak wavelengths.
The CA-310 Color Analyzer offers enhancements over instruments like the CA-210. You can get increasingly accurate measurements when using the CA-310 color analyzer to measure LED-backlit LCD televisions, electronic devices that are growing in popularity. Another benefit of using the CA-310 color analyzer is that the instrument allows you to achieve accurate measurements when measuring standard backlights found in devices like fluorescent lamps, devices that can cause LED spectral emission distributions to vary from unit to unit. The CA-310 reduces or eliminates this variance by using color sensors that are similar to the CIE 1931 color-matching functions. This allows the CA-310 to produce increased accuracy at higher speeds at a range of luminances, including low luminances.
• Use for high-speed, high accuracy measurement of LED-backlit LCD TVs
• Enables high-speed measurement of even extremely low luminances down to 0.005cd/m²
• Highly Accurate with sensors that virtually match CIE color matching functions
• Unique optical system and color display – four digit color display for greater precision.
• Connect up to 5 sensors – using the expansion board attachment, sold separately, have the capability to utilize up to 5 probes
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The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is an innovative instrument capable of efficiently measuring the distribution of luminance and chromaticity of multiple display devices simultaneously.

Product Overview
The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is an innovative, fourth generation, 2D Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta. It is also the successor to the CA-2000 2D Color Analyzer. The CA-2500 is an ideal instrument for evaluating luminance and chromaticity mura (non-uniformity) of a variety of display devices, such as LCD and OLED displays, and other light emitting devices such as automobile instrument panels and illuminated keypads. Unlike conventional imaging colorimeters that use RGB color separation filters, the CA-2500 uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color matching functions. This provides luminance and chromaticity measurements that correlate well with human eye sensitivity.
The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer now comes with an improved minimum measurable luminance range (0.05 cd/m²) and is more durable, with service life measurement cycles of approximately 5 times that of the predecessor model. Furthermore, the new Data Management Software CA-S25w (included as a standard accessory of CA-2500) provides simple measurements. This is made possible by the introduction of the focus assist function, positioning assist function, and the automatic measurement area extraction function in the software. The software is also capable of measuring multiple samples simultaneously and provides evaluation results for each individual sample, resulting in greater measurement efficiency.
• XYZ filters provide high correlation with the spectral response of the human eye – uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements.
• Expanded low-luminance measurement range – minimum measureable luminance has been Improved from 0.1 cd/m² to 0.05 cd/m².
• Improved durability – service life measurement cycles have been increased to approximately 5 times that of the CA-2000
• Interchangeable lenses for measurements of various subjects are available.
• Advanced Data Management Software CA-S25w, as a standard accessory – focus assist function, positioning assist function, and automatic measurement area extraction function greatly simplify troublesome measurement preparations.
• SDK (software Development Kit), as a stand accessory, used by customer to efficiently create their own software for controlling the CA-2500.
• Capable of simultaneous measuring of multiple samples.
• Illuminance measurement – attaching a diffuser adapter for illuminance measurement enables it to be measured accurately
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The LS-150 (successor to LS-100) possess a minimum measuring area of 14.4mm and a greatly improved luminance range of up to 999,900 cd/m². It is a highly accurate and easy-to-use luminance meter that conform to DIN 5032-7 Class B.
Product Overview
LS-150 Luminance Meter (successor to the LS-100) is highly accurate luminance meter that uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with visual evaluation. LS-150 is compact, ergonomic, and extremely portable running off AA batteries.

The LS-150 series uses a single lens reflex (SLR) optics system that provides users with several important capabilities. The SLR allows highly accurate targeting of light sources. Very small areas, even down to 1.3mm (when close-lens is used), can be measured accurately. Measurement areas at distances both long and short show up consistently in the viewfinder. This flexibility allows even those who have never used the instrument to gather precise measurement results.

The value of the measured luminance is easy to read on the clear backlit LCD screen and also on the bright viewfinder. With this capability, the instrument allows the user to never have to move the instrument from the eye while still perfectly controlling the measured object. The automatic mode sets the measurement time according to the brightness of the target. When measuring light sources that are particularly bright a neutral density eyepiece filter makes the job safe and comfortable. In all measuring tasks, our uniquely designed pistol-type grip provides for a secure hold on the instrument.

When measuring low luminance, the LS-150 comes through with a range that begins at 0.001cd/m². Color-correction and calibration functions built into the instrument give users the ability to choose a standard luminance and have differences corrected according to any light sources that are specified. The LS-150 included utility software allows the instrument to be controlled from a PC via USB 2.0. Repeated interval measurements can be conducted a specific number of times at specific intervals, measurement data can be displayed on graphs or lists, and data can be exported to spreadsheet applications. Optional close-up lenses allows for measurement of extremely small areas. Also, the optional illuminance adapter enables illuminance measurement as well.
• 1° acceptance angle
• Portable, lightweight, compact and battery powered
• Upper range of the DIN quality class B
• SLR (Single Lens Reflex), precise targeting; shows exact area to measure
• Backlit LCD and viewfinder displays; easy to focus on target
• Neutral density eyepiece filter allowing measurements of bright light sources
• Pistol grip enables user to stabilize the instrument with ease
• Measures low luminance, range starts at 0.001cd/m2
• User calibration and color correction
• Includes Utility Software allows the instrument to be controlled from the PC via USB 2.0
• Optional CCD camera adapter enables viewfinder to be monitored from a distance
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The CS-150 possess a 1° measuring angle across a 0.01 to 999,900 cd/m² luminance range. It is a highly accurate and easy-to-use chroma meter that produces spot measurements of luminance and color.

Product Overview
The CS-150 (successor to the CS-100A) is a highly accurate tristimulus colorimeter equipped with newly designed sensors with spectral responses that more closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions representing the sensitivity of the human eye to provide measurement results that better correlate with visual evaluation. The CS-150 luminance and color meter allows luminance and chromaticity to be measured remotely with an acceptance angle of 1°. It is the perfect marriage of efficiency and ergonomics with regards to spot measurements of color and luminance in a handheld portable instrument.

The CS-150 color and luminance meter can measure nearly any type of light source, indoors or outdoors. The CS-150 is incredibly precise, designed for portability, and minimizes measurement time. It serves the same purpose as the LS-150, but with the added bonus of a color measurement option. The CS-150 luminance and color meter has an optical system that allows precise targeting and ensures that the viewfinder shows the exact area to be measured, even up close. The bright viewfinder on the CS-150 shows the measured luminance value field as well as the measurement environment. It also has a unique optical design which is optimized to reduce flare. The automatic mode automatically sets the measurement time according to the brightness of the target. With numerous options available including close-up lenses for extremely small measurement areas, the C-mount CCD camera adapter which enables the viewfinder to be monitored from a distance, and the illuminance adapter which allows measurement of illuminance the CS-150 is an all-inclusive colorimeter.
• 1° measurement angle
• Luminance measurement range of 0.01 to 999,900 cd/m2
• Portable, lightweight, compact and battery powered(2xAA)
• SLR (Single Lens Reflex), precise targeting; shows exact area to measure
• Converts the color of the indicated area to numerical values
• Quick measurements of the viewed object color without the influence of outside areas
• Easy-to-read backlit display for viewing in dark areas
• Includes Utility Software allows the instrument to be controlled from the PC via USB 2.0
• Various optional accessories such as illuminance adapter and close up lenses.
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The CL-200A Chroma Meter concurrently measures the chromaticity of light sources such as LED, Organic LED (OLED), and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence (EL) as well as color temperature and illuminance.

Product Overview
The CL-200A Chroma Meter, the next generation to the CL-200, measures the chromaticity of light sources such as LED, Organic LED (OLED), and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence (EL) as well as color temperature and illuminance.
The measure of color temperatures are an important part of determining the correctness of a LED’s illumination. The CL-200A incorporates precision sensors coordinate with the International Commission of Illumination (CIE) defined color matching functions; the results are displayed in a variety of application specific color notations.
This device is crafted for the purpose of producing greatly reliable color temperature measurements, especially for white LEDs. The design of the CL-200A has the capability of inspecting the output light quality while measuring the chromaticity from the phosphor of a completely assembled white LED.
The CL-200A Chroma Meter is a compact device created to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The design includes easy portability and is battery operated. This chroma meter comes equipped with a low battery indicator and is rechargeable battery friendly. CL-S10w Data Management Software, which includes the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) calculations ranking function, is provided with the CL-200A making it easy for users to transfer data to Excel. The instrument can also be connected and operated directly through a personal computer.
The receptor head can be removed from the main body and can be used in darkroom boxes or installed in an inspection system. Data is collected by connecting the receptor and body via a LAN cable. The CL-200A Chroma Meter features the ability to collect multi-point measurements by using up to 30 receptor heads along with the user friendly calibration function. The calibration function provides the ability to compare measured values to a specific sample.
The Cl-200A Chroma Meter works ideally in situations requiring lighting production and adjustment, color-viewing cabinet maintenance, utilization as a photographic color meter, measuring projector light sources, LED billboard development and maintenance, and the evaluating the light distribution of LED illumination fixtures or models.
• Compact – hand-held, lightweight design
• Portable – battery operated, receptor head can also be detached from the main body for remote measurements
• User-friendly – low battery indicator, can be controlled by a PC, easily transfer data to Excel, and includes a calibration function
• Simultaneous measurements – has the ability to determine illuminance, color temperature, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, and excitation purity of a light source
• Ideal for white LEDs – can measure the chromaticity from the phosphor as well as inspect the final product
• Multi-use – can be used for any light source, ideal for LEDs and OLEDs
• LED ranking function – using the included software, users can rank measurements on a chromaticity chart for easy comparison
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