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1993 Oct. Prochem Pacific Corp. established in Taipei, Taiwan
1994 Aug. Exclusive distributor for RK (UK) Coater in Taiwan and non-exclusive in China
1995 Nov. Exclusive distributor for KONICA MINOLTA (JP) CM Series Spectrophotometer in Taiwan market and non-exclusive in China
1996 Apr. Prochem Logo registered in Taiwan Established Constant temperature and humidity laboratory to provide re- calibration and maintenance services for Spectrophotometers in Taiwan
1997 Mar. Exclusive distributor for Q-Lab products in Taiwan and non-exclusive in China
Nov. Established Maintenance and Re-calibration facilities for Display related products
1999 Jan. Established PROCHEM INT’L CO., LTD.
Oct. Became agent for BYK (OEM) instruments
2000 Apr. Established Branch Office in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2002 Jan. Set up re-calibration facilities for CR10 ( UV Radiometer of QUV )
Sep. Cooperative partner established constant temperature and humidity laboratory at Dongguan city , GuanDong province , China to provide re-calibration and maintenance services in the south of China
Nov. Cooperative partner established Kunshan, Xiamen , Chongqing branch offices
2004 Apr. Established CL-200 and T-10 Re-Calibration and maintenance facilities
2008 Aug. Cooperative partner Prochem Int’l ( SuZhou ) Co., Ltd. established & registered In SuZhou , Jiangsu Province , China Prochem Logo registered in China
2009 Jan. Established maintenance and re-calibration facilities for KONICA MINOLTA CS-2000 Spectroradiometer in Taipei main office
Jun. Cooperative partner Prochem (VN) Trading Co., Ltd, established and registered in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam
Jun. Cooperative partner Prochem (VN) Tradining Co., Ltd. Play exclusive distributor of KONICA MINOLTA SENSING,INC. and Agent for Q-Lab, RK products in Vietnam
2010 Mar. Cooperative partner Prochem (VN) Trading Co., Ltd, Set up branch office in Hanoi
2011 Jun. Cooperative partner ---Prochem Int’ ( SuZhou ) Co., Ltd set up Branch Office in Dongguan
2012 May. Techkon products for printing and TQC products for Coating
2015 Jul. Accreditation by TAF to meet ISO / IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory for illuminants meter / Chroma meter and display color analyzer